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1) Cryptophthalmos:
Grades of cryptophthalmos
1-Frasers syndrome
2-Congenital orbito-palpebral cyst
3-Bilateral Cryptophthalmos    
4-Unilateral partial crytophthalmos
5-Symmetrical partial lateral 'cryptophthalmos‘
6-Symmetrical medial cryptophthamos
7-Asymmetrical hemicryptophthalmos
8-Congenital symblepharon  associated with
9-Bilateral abortive cryptophthalmos
associated with oculocutaneous albinism
10- Congenital symblepharon (abortive
11-Cryptophthalmos solum corneae
12-Ablepheron macrostomia syndrome.

This video shows unrevealing of the eye and
bringing it to the surface and replacing the
opaque front portion of the eye with a corneal
transplant.The transplant is redone after a
year.The follow up pictures show an increase
in the size of the eyeball compared to the other
non operated eye and also  the development of
a semblance of a VEP within one year
C) Pre operative picture        D) post operative picture
A) Complete type                           B) Solum corneae type