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Depth Perception :- Tested by Synaptophore and TNO charts
The visual skill  to ascertain  the depth at which the objects are. eg the cricketer
needs to know how far the ball is or the tennis player needs to know where in space
the ball is before hitting it. Deficits in this perception can affect clarity and timing

Peripheral vision:- Tested by confrontation or by perimetry.
The visual skill  to ascertain objects in the corners of the eyes, while looking at the
center. In  sports like football or hockey, a player must be able to see his fellow
partners to pass the ball even when he is focussing on the ball.

Speed of change of focus :-
The visual skill to change focus very fast and accurately between different things
seen at different distances. A billiards player needs to focus fast betweeen all the
balls on the table and the spot he wants them to go.

Coordination between two eyes
The visual skill  to get both eyes to move simultaneously by the same amount during
high-speed activities without development of a squint even after hours of practice or

Vision tracking and Dynamic vision
The ability to track an object at near as well as distance without losing sight of the
object. This is one thing the audience finds difficult to do as they try to trace a ball
after it has been hit. The player has to have excellent capability as far as this is
concerned. Dynamic Vision is different in that it is the ability to see moving objects
clearly. A wicketkeeper  can see a ball coming at him at very fast speed as clearly as
if it is static.