Is it for me?
Eye training for sports is
rigorous. Do you have a
need for it?Take this test
to find out.
International Academy of Sports Ophthalmology
Questions to be answered by self

1. Do you use need glasses or any other aid?
2. Do you have difficulty following a moving object?
3. Do you notice variations during your performance?
4. Does your performance vary with the day i.e does it get worse laterin the day?
5. Do you have difficulty in  night as compared to day games?
6. Do you have other visual difficulties when playing?
7. Do you experience loss of concentration when playing?

Questions to be answered by trainer

Does he see
a. Inconsistent performance
b. Performance not up to the mark
c. Performance getting worse over time
d. Performance getting worse under mental or physical stress?

What to do?

  • Get this information
  • Get an eye examination done
  • Get a  Sports Vision screening done to find out  weaknesses/deficits in a
    game like situation.
  • Get the right training
In most sports, you'll not win if your eyes are not fit.