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The International Academy
of sports Ophthalmology is
now conducting training for
children interested in sports
so as to assess
performance & prevent
injuries ..
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International Academy of Sports Ophthalmology
Sports in which there is a high risk of injury to the eye

1.        Cricket
2.        Hockey
3.        Football
4.        Gilli danda
5.        Racquet sports like Badminton & Tennis
Sports participation in case the participant can see with only one eye

1.        Monocular criteria: Best corrected acuity <6/9 not allowed
2.        Sports Eye Protection always required
3.        Sports that cannot be played by one eyed individuals
                    Judo Karate
Certification for playing again after a sports injury (IASO Criteria)

1.        Vision in both eyes 6/6
2.        No field defects
3.        Binocular vision and depth of vision normal
4.        Extra ocular muscle movements normal and no enophthalmos
5.        Contrast normal with IASO lighting criteria for playing conditions
6.        No Macropsia or micropsia or distortion on Amler's grid
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