International Pediatric Oculoplasty Society
Centers of Excellence in Pediatric
Oculoplasty around the world
(Based on publications in peer
reviewed literature)

A) Harvard Children's Hospital
B) Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
C) Royal Adelaide Hospital
D) Children's Hospital Toronto,Canada
Why a seperate Speciality?

Most pediatric ophthalmology centers around
the world concentrate on refractive
errors,amblyopia and squint and most
oculoplastic surgeons are not well versed with
the issues in pediatric eye care.Hence the need
for a seperate speciality

Other reasons

A) Growing ocular tissues
B) Wound healing different
C) Time of intervention important
D) Genetic abnormalities to be considered
E) Pharmacology different
F) Complications have life long implications
Conditions that need pediatric oculoplastic surgeons
1)  Cryptophthalmos
2)  Childhood Ptosis
3)  Anophthalmos and orbital implants
4)  Retinoblastoma
5)  Pediatric Contracted Sockets
6)  Ocular Dermoids
7)  Xeroderma and ocular surface cancers
8)  Orbital fractures
9)  Orbital tumours esp hemangiomas
10) Congenital dacryocystitis
11) Craniofacial Dysostosis
12) Congenital Eyelid Retraction
13) Lacrimal Agenesis and amniotoceles
14) Lid Colobomas
15) Congenital Ectropions
16) Congenital Entropions
17) Pediatric ocular inflammations and stem cell deficiencies
18) Pediatric ocular burns
19) Double elevator palsies with ptosis-complicated squints with ptosis
20) Telecanthus