Journal of International Society of Ocular Plastic
Reconstructive Surgery
    Vol 4 part 2 April 2012
Contents :

   Pediatric oculoplasty update (Oct 2010)             

   Ocular oncology update

   Ocular surface reconstruction update

   Ocular pathology update

   Imaging in oculoplasty update

   Anaesthesia in oculoplasty

   Microbiologic considerations in oculoplasty

   Inflammation and Immunologic considerations
Editors:Dr Sunil Moreker (Consultant,Cumballa Hill Hospital,Kemps corner,Mumbai)
        Dr Milind Navlakhe (Associate Prof,ENT, BYNL Nair Hospital,Mumbai )
        Dr Mayur Moreker (Consultant eye surgeon, Bombay Hospital,Mumbai)
        Dr Nilesh Panchal (Consultant, Laxmi Mirat Eye Center,Mumbai)

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