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DYNAMIC VISION : is processed visually by the parvo system.
                             Tested and training on  the  Dynamic Rotator & Space Ball                    

BINOCULARITY: To ensure that both eyes are being used together (see ocular
dominance) a disk of red and green figures is used while the subject wears red/green
goggles. Unless both eyes are functioning, only half the figures will be seen.

SPATIAL LOCATION  :tested by  Brock String

Sports people are repeatedly told and also know themselves that they are failing in a
particular area of their periphery. A badminton player have a poor high backhand due
to seeing the shuttlecock late. By the use of a
Peripheral Awareness Trainer  it can
be improved.

PURSUIT EYE MOVEMENTS  tested with Wayne Saccadic Fixator to practise pursuit
movements by following a series of lights which appear to move in smooth motions in
three modes: circularly, horizontally and vertically, while keeping the head still.

SACCADIC EYE MOVEMENTS is improved with the Wayne Saccadic Fixator, and to
train Saccadic Eye Movements, the King Devick Charts are used
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